5 Reasons to Visit Sedona Now

Top 5 Experiences in Sedona

Late fall and winter can be a great time to visit Sedona, with crisp blue skies, stunning fall foliage into November, and reduced crowds and rates at resorts.

Why Visit?

1) Great Weather
Cool, clear weather is ideal for hiking, photography, and observing the night sky. Sedona has a lighting ordinance limiting nighttime commercial lighting which enables viewing of at least as many planets, stars, galaxies, even satellites can be seen unaided!

2) Top local restaurants
Two of my favorite restaurants in Sedona are The Hudson, with creative cuisine, a sparkling, airy interior and generous food portions (I suggest sharing). There was a young French couple there when we were visiting, and the petite wife looked bewildered by the size of the meatball “appetizer” which she had ordered in addition to her entrée.

Also, worth a visit is the Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill – for the redrock backdrop alone, and dramatic outside torches. The cuisine offers a twist on Southwest cuisine.

best sedona restaurants

Chicken Pot Pie at the Hudson Grille

3) Enchantment Resort
This hotel is a self-contained paradise located in the Coconino National Forest, at the foot of the Boynton Canyon which contains two vortexes the Kachina Woman which provides (feminine energy), and the Knoll (masculine energy).

The bucolic surrounding contains a wealth of outdoor activity options as well as native wildlife. The wildlife we observed which includeddeer and a family of javelina(which look like wild boars) barely looked up from grazing when we passed by them.

The hotel offers a range of restaurants, including a formal restaurant,and a spa experience dining with healthier options. Also, onsite are several swimming pools and Jacuzzis. The outdoor pools are heated, so can still be enjoyed in the cooler seasons.

The resort fee ACTUALLY provides added value by offering included experiences all day and into the evening, including: meditation sessions, exercise classes and presentations on a variety of new age topics, including aura readings, observing signs in nature, vortexes, and more contingent upon the day and season.

4) Top Destination Spa
The MiAmo spa which is contained within the resort offers both traditional massages and other services which span Native American and energetic healing modalities, and has been named a top destination spa in USA!

Sunset in Sedona

So people ask, can you feel the energy of the vortexes? Personally, I could feel the energy when all was quiet, it invoked a dizzy feeling. Also I experienced more vivid and memorable dreams while close to the vortex. You can often tell if you are nearing the proximity of a vortex as the energy emitted will twist the branches on any nearby trees.

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